Spring Start-Up Checklist

  1. General

    Clean hull, deck and topsides, windows, hatches, canvas bimini and dodger, metal teak, bilges and engine compartments. Check spare parts and tools. Make sure registration is current and onboard.

  2. Fuel System

    Inspect and remove any plant life or barnacles. Drain gear case, check for moisture in oil. Check rubber boots for cracks and pinholes. Grease all fittings and check fluid levels.

  3. Water System

    Flush water tank, check system and pump for leaks, check hot water tank working on both AC and engines. Make sure tank cap keys are onboard. Check and clean shower sump pump screens.

  4. Electrical System

    Inspect all connections for cleanliness and tightness. Remove terminals and use a wire brush to clean them and cable ends. Charge battery and test it can hold a charge.

  5. Propellers & Hulls

    Inspect propeller for dings, pitting, cracks and distortion. Make sure propeller is secured properly, replace bearings when needed. Inspect hull for blisters, cracks and distortion. Secure drain plug before every launch.

  6. Belts, Cables & Hoses

    Check for brittleness and cracks. Belts should fit tight around pulleys. Replace when necessary.

  7. Fluid Levels

    Check all fluid levels including engine oil, power steering, power trim reservoirs and coolant. Change if they were not at winterizing.

  8. Trailer

    Check for current registration. Check rollers and pads. Check and lubricate wheel bearings, winch, tongue jack and wheel. Test lights and electrical connections. Check tire pressure, brakes, safety chains and coupler.

  9. Mast & Rigging

    Check mast and spreaders for corrosion or damage. Inspect rivets, screw connections, reefing points and gear. Clean sail track. Check rigging, turnbuckles and clevis pins. Inspect stays for fraying and “fish hooks.” Check forestay and backstay connections, masthead fittings and pulleys.

  10. Sails

    Check general condition for wear and chafing. Check batten pockets and all sail attachments. Inspect bolt rope.

  11. Safety Gear

    Check life jackets for condition and number of all potential passengers. Check fire extinguishers are the correct class for your vessel and are fully charged and stowed in proper place. Check compass, navigation lights, sound signalling device, charts, radar reflector, first aid supplies and bailer.